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Date: 2017-01-25 17:36:47

Number of Attendees: 31

 Event Name



 Attendees By Class

ClassAttendeesClass Percentage
Death KnightDewy, Omkara2 (6.45%)
Demon HunterMagekillerpt1 (3.23%)
DruidMamocas, Ramägos2 (6.45%)
HunterDknx, Dmm, Begue3 (9.68%)
MageSelty, Køah2 (6.45%)
MonkMonge1 (3.23%)
PaladinShryken, Saev2 (6.45%)
PriestPadreanjinho, Sonikc2 (6.45%)
RogueDaggers1 (3.23%)
ShamanIkm, Pijon, Ghosty, Headbläst, Zuvli5 (16.13%)
WarlockSoultaker, Sutekh2 (6.45%)
WarriorSeekedestroy1 (3.23%)